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Nov. 3rd, 2009




Hello, I'm Vix and I'm an alcoholic.

oh. Wrong meeting.

So...hi, I'm Vix and I work in recruitment. I live in Kent (Canterbury, it's lovely) and work in London.

Skills I can offer:

Anything recruitment based, from CV reading to advice on websites, interview preparation, employment law etc.
Cooking curry and its trimmings (advice/recipes, I'm not coming round to cook :P).
Dread making and installation (though I'm not making at the moment I might be persuadable, or I can point you to someone good).

Hello! :D


(no subject)

Hi Ladies

I'm Carol and I'm in the middle of nowhere between Huntingdon and Peterborough.

Skills I can offer:

I make chainmail - either armour or jewellery
I do runes and tarot - can either teach or do readings for people
I'm a storyteller
I make incense
I'm reasonably good at plastering (as in decorating not broken bones)
I also do loads of other crafts but they are probably common enough that so do most people
Not really a skill - but being in the middle of nowhere I can also offer somewhere to escape to for anyone who is sick of the city and wants open spaces, chickens, dogs and trees instead of concrete and cars.
queen bee



Hi, I'm Nic and I'm based in Sheffield.

What skills do I have?
  • copy editing and proof reading
  • knitting - see my blog for examples, and I'm happy to teach people, sort out tangled messes, decode patterns etc.
  • cross stitch and embroidery - again, see my blog, it's generally public - and ditto above comments. I also design patterns for people/events.
  • basic sewing and repairs. It's years since I've made clothing, but always happy to assist.
  • tax returns. I'm probably odd, but I like sorting out accounts, I've done it for both myself and other people
  • marketing advice - I worked in marketing for eight years
  • would be happy to help tutor or mentor people through GCSE and A Level Literature
  • small animal care - especially nail clipping and giving them medication!
  • helping people declutter - I loosely run a declutter community which I'm hoping to get more active (daily_declutter )
What would I like help with?
  • decorating. I dislike it, paint irritates me, the parents are getting too aged to help without me feeling guilty, the manshape is even more allergic!
  • other DIY stuff - little repairs and things.

Nov. 2nd, 2009

clockwork heart



Hello ladies. I'm based in Portsmouth, Hampshire and don't mind travelling within my immediate vicinity but it has to be close as I don't drive and rely on public transport.

Ok. I'm not currently working due to mental health issues so I'm looking for things to do to fill up my time. I'm currently attending college part time, getting an A level in English Lang&Lit and on my second year of Japanese studies. I also was doing my level two in British Sign Language but I've had to drop that at the moment for financial reasons. :( But I have my level one in BSL and Japanese so am happy to show some basic stuff to people.

I am also pretty good with an oven and love baking and cooking and things. I consider myself quite creative and am good at organizing stuff if it isn't my own life! I enjoy cycling,going to the gym and swimming so if anyone would like a partner for those things I'm more than willing. I also walk my dog for an hour a day so if someone wants to ramble with me that'd be good too - but I can't run due to problems with my legs. The dog can though so you could always challenge him! :P

I'd love to learn how to knit. My grandma taught me when I was five but she moved to Spain and I've forgotten everything that I learnt. I'm also quite interested in crocheting as my great-grandma taught me this when I was a wee-un but she can't re-teach me due to not being alive anymore. I'd aso like to learn practical stuff, like what to do when the tyre is flat on my bike (rather than run crying to my friends!), how to put up shelves, how to properly use my computer etc. I would also love to learn how to play an instrument but after spending over half my life studying and only succeding in learning Frere Jacques on the Xylaphone, I've come to terms with the fact that this is just not going to happen.

Well, that's me. If anyone can help me or would like my help (haha - you poor unfortunates) then just let me know. Be nice to hear from some people!

ETA: House-moving. I've moved house about 15 times in the last five years and have also been homeless twice so I'm pretty much a professional at this. Especially seeing as I've managed to procur rental agreements even when on Housing Benefit and with the large dog-shape! I am happy to help people pack and move, if you live nearby. Well, even if you live miles away if you're willing to pay my travel costs! I'm a dab hand at packing up a house on short notice and moving without the aid of a car (moving a two-bedroom, two-reception house with two large dogs and two mentally unstable people in two days with only a supermarket shopping trolley? That'll be me). Also good at the painting and decorating and tea-making.

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